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Medicine by Nature is your natural health resource for naturopathic medicine, natural treatments, holistic treatments and homeopathy in Stamford, CT. We provide natural alternatives to prescription medication through Homeopathy and Naturopathy which includes acupuncture, herbs & supplements, as well as diet balance and elimination.
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Personalized Psychiatric Treatments – DNA Testing What is

14 Mar Personalized Psychiatric Treatments – DNA Testing What is

Ever wonder why treatments aren’t working.  Ever wonder why you feel worse on

The answer is that we all have genetic variances in the way drugs work in our bodies and genetic variances in how we metabolize the drugs once in our bodies.

This is done with a cheek swab test.  Your report will identify 18 key genes relevant to psychiatric treatment that indicate which therapies are likely to work.  Pharmacodynamic genes indicate the effect a drug has on the body.  Pharmacokinetic genes indicate the effect the body has on the drug via metabolism.

With this genetic information that is unique to you, finding the right treatment is faster.

Please call our office.  We are happy to help you.

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