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Medicine by Nature is your natural health resource for naturopathic medicine, natural treatments, holistic treatments and homeopathy in Stamford, CT. We provide natural alternatives to prescription medication through Homeopathy and Naturopathy which includes acupuncture, herbs & supplements, as well as diet balance and elimination.
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What Patients Are Saying

All testimonials as quoted from the website:

  Highly Recommended!

switched over from a regular M.D. and Dr. Hokayem helped figure out the source of, along with ways to resolve, a number of issues I was experiencing. Her professional and genuinely kind attitude made me feel comfortable and at ease during my visits. Highly recommended if you’re looking to move away from an M.D.


  Feeling Better than Ever

I have been to many doctors for help. Dr. Hokayem nailed it and I have been feeling better than I ever have. Highly recommend her if you have complex problems that no doctor has been able to help.


  Better Experience

Better than any experience I’ve ever had with a doctor.

  Never Been to a Naturopath

Never been to a Naturopath or holistic Dr. before. Someone suggested her and because I was desperate, I went. The tests she ran, the questions she asked were so thorough that she figured out the source of my problem. I am well on my way to healing. Can’t recommend her enough.


  Exceeded My Expectations

I had no idea what to expect. Extremely pleasantly surprised at her knowledge, care and compassion. Highly recommend her.



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