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Medicine by Nature is your natural health resource for naturopathic medicine, natural treatments, holistic treatments and homeopathy in Stamford, CT. We provide natural alternatives to prescription medication through Homeopathy and Naturopathy which includes acupuncture, herbs & supplements, as well as diet balance and elimination.
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Westchester County Media Attention

naurotpathic doctor stamford

06 May Westchester County Media Attention

Dr. Nadine Hokayem was recently featured in Westchester Wag Magazine’s May 2015 issue.Как бороться с недобросовестными вебмастерами. Кейс

The article focuses on Nadine’s unique ability to diagnose patients who feel they have exhausted their resources for doctors who can help them. Many patients who seek holistic medical treatment in the Fairfield County, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas have come to her and are relieved to find her warm smile and vigorous depth of knowledge.